Biggest Beach-Party in the Universe!

Visualization for a level Playing-field for ALL embodiments of eternal essence:

D breakingthesilence: Visiting world leaders this morning.  Seeing Obama at his desk, looking forlorned and stressed out.  walking up to him and kissing him on the forehead and placing my hand on his heart and telling him  “Come my friend, it’s TIME”….. going to  each one, and gathering them up in the same way.  then zap! we are all on a beach somewhere warm and gorgeous- and all their fancy clothes and crowns and symbols of their “office” are gone, and they are all dressed in shorts and t-shirts, surrounded by us and by a huge group  of children, running an dplaying- the children taking them by the hand and leading them into games and just having fun.


Then visualizing flashing up to a huge mothership with all of us,….. telling all the ships “captains” the same thing and then zapping them all down to the beach too
Then going to find where all the “divines” are hiding- closeted away in a little group-  and us all giving them all a kiss on their foreheads and a huge and telling them thank you…. and then zapping them down to the beach too.
 ….and then picturing the biggest beach party in the history of the universe!!!!!!!



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