The Playground Bully Throws Rocks, and Neil Keenan Snitches on Swissindo

The Playground Bully Throws Rocks, and Neil Keenan Snitches on Swissindo




This kind of stuff used to just irritate me.  Constant conflict doesn’t resonate.  With every bit of data I run across now, I’m seeing this is just the end game playing itself out and there’s no need to attach any emotion or expectation to it.  The bullies just need to comeout from behind Mommy’s skirts.  As typical playground bullies, they’ll keep it up until (1) a bigger bully comes along and thumps ‘em all; or (2) Mom rushes out, grabs them by the ear and drags them to the nearest corner LOL!  I’ve added some notes to the email in red, I couldn’t resist!             — Love, GML


URGENT EMAIL FROM NEIL KEENAN TO DRAKE:Sent: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 6:49 AM
Subject: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE: MOPPING UP AND MOVING ONHi Drake,Here’s the new update, pasted in below, and also attached as a Word doc. You can go with this immediately.Mucho thanks,

Keenan personally delivers hard copies of UN Swissindo’s acceptance of OPPT’s “Military Declaration” to the office of President Yudhoyono of the Republic of Indonesia  — these docs are all over facebook.  Go here, guys!


Having alerted the public and the authorities to the OPPT agenda, Keenan is moving on with his own work, while keeping an eye out for further fraud

by Michael Henry Dunn


JAKARTA, April 27, 2013 – Neil Keenan is clearing the decks for imminent forward movement with the Global Accounts. Since the Accounts have been the playground for a motley crew of crooks, banksters, and scam artists for most of the past sixty years, that means Keenan’s work these days involves a lot of mopping up: exposing hidden agendas of Global Account fraudsters; clearing up confusion over the nature of the Accounts and to whom they belong; and exposing the UCC filing fraud behind the “phony freedom” offered by movements such as OPPT, who are merely one of many groups laying false claim to Account assets.   — Evidence of ownership, please.   Standing by since 2011…..


The thousands of people who buy the false claim that all governments and corporations have been “foreclosed” and no longer exist run the risk of loss of property and/or freedom when they find that judges and courts are well prepared to demonstrate the fraud behind these supposed UCC filings (see the “State Strategies to Combat Fraudulent UCC Filings” by the National Association of Secretaries of State). — Ahhh….we should look to the slavemasters to keep the slaves in line, eh?  C’mon, guys, knock it off lol!


Meanwhile, a prominent international lawyer (who was instrumental in assisting the Russian government to free itself from oligarchic control) made the following statements in a message to Neil Keenan:


“I have selected clear provisions of the UCC itself that completely destroy all attempts to abuse and misrepresent it. Its own provisions directly contradict all ways that “common law” theorists (like Winston Shrout or OPPT) try to use it. This proves that attempting to use it to obtain rights from third parties is criminal Fraud….You will have a concise and clear Legal Report, that you can show to anybody you are dealing with, to prove to them that OPPT are conducting criminal Fraud and have no rights nor legal standing.”  The Legal Report mentioned above will be published by Mr. Keenan in the coming days.  – Name of said prominent international lawyer, please.  Rebuttal of documents, with specificity and particularity, please.  Standing by…. oh, and UCC no longer exists, guys.  Reconciled in March.  Stop it, you guys are cracking me up!  :)


Those foolhardy few who decide to take OPPT up on the dangerous “Military Order and Declaration” that urges insurrection against the supposedly obsolete governments of the world run the risk of endangering their own lives as well as others. Once Mr. Keenan became aware of the specific attempts by OPPT and their allies at UN Swissindo to encourage an insurrection in Indonesia (using a false claim to Global Account assets to gain credibility), his duty became clear. He has been asked by Global Account stakeholders (i.e., the original Depositors of the assets) to order and manage the Accounts, beginning in Indonesia, where he has the confidence and support of the Elders who guard the assets. Even a bungled and incompetent attempt to execute the OPPT Military Order could cost many innocent lives. Therefore Mr. Keenan personally delivered a hard copy of the OPPT/UN Swissindo documents to the office of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, where he met with the president’s staff to explain the cause of his concern. — And who are the Global Account stakeholders, Neil?  Continuing to stand by for evidence they exist, ownership, authority ….. (since 2011).





As previously noted by this writer, authorities in the U.S. and Switzerland – where UN Swissindo also has an office – have also been notified, including U.S. President Barack Obama, Swiss Attorney General Michael Lauber, Indonesian Attorney General Basrief Arief, and the Office of the Qing Dynasty. Neil Keenan is leaving the matter in their hands, to take whatever actions may be appropriate in accordance with the laws and national security concerns of the nations involved (see below for a brief video statement by Mr. Keenan).
The question has been raised by some as to what difference there is between the rumored “mass arrests” of banking cabal figures in the United States, and the plan proposed by OPPT. Those who have followed the work of Drake Bailey and the growth of the community-based American militia movement will be well acquainted with the difference between the two. Any such arrests in the U.S. will be made by local law enforcement, armed with lawful warrants, accompanied by U.S. Marshalls, and backed up where necessary by military units, in keeping with the military oath to protect and defend the country against “all enemies, foreign and domestic.” A legal reset to our founding documents would then take place, guided by the will of the people. — So you guys are saying you want Mommy to stick around just in case you need her to thump some heads?  Seriously?  


The OPPT simply proposes anarchy. They state that the government no longer exists, and need not be obeyed. They “authorize” individuals to detain any and all “actors” in financial or government crimes, claiming the right to name such persons themselves, based on their own sublime certainty, with no need for recourse to judge or jury. These words are taken nearly verbatim from their own documents.  — “…government….need not be obeyed.”  I obey No One.  No Thing.  No Body.  


This is a key difference between Mr. Keenan’s approach and the OPPT’s essentially anarchistic (and in fact fraudulent) “foreclosure” on our planet’s existing structure of finance and governance. Keenan wants to reform from within by freezing out the banking cabal from their access to the Accounts, while responsibly placing into trade the heretofore stolen assets in the Global Collateral Accounts. The re-filing of Keenan’s trillion dollar lawsuit against the cabal will give additional legal grounds for other moves against these criminals. Humanitarian projects worldwide, the eradication of phony debt, and the implementation of free energy technologies will be the death-knell of the cabal, and signal a rebirth of freedom.  Okay, so we wait for Neil to file a lawsuit, watch it go through the current fraudulent court system, and worship Neil as a savior to all, when in fact, he has to date accomplished … the making of a few entertaining Youtubes.  Getting a haircut, playing games, taking a tour of the Indonesian President’s digs.  Stop it, you’re making my stomach hurt!  Wouldn’t this be more fun on the beach with the rest of us??


OPPT claims the assets will be allocated to their use by a fictitious group of Indonesian royals (figures who, even if they exist, have no ownership rights to the assets, but are merely placeholders and guardians of the property of other nations and families.) An actual Indonesian royal made the following statement on Facebook, regarding what he called UN Swissindo’s ludicrous fraud:
“So I have this to say, for and on the record, in regards to OPPT’s claim of UN Swissindo and Indonesian royals holding 90% of the world’s gold (this is the bullshit they are currently spinning). It’s ironic that they picked the Indonesian royal families for this scam, allow me to explain.  OPPT (now dissolved) claimed what?  Link to statement on facebook you reference?  Evidence, please.


I am married to the granddaughter of the Sultan of Borneo, one of the major royal families in Indonesia of hundreds of years, well before the Dutch even discovered Borneo and Indonesia. It just so happens that my wife is on holiday visiting her grandparents for the past week, so a perfect time to ask.  You never asked before?  Hmmmm…..ever spoken to your in-laws?


So, for and on the record, I can state as 100% fact that the Indonesia Royal families do not hold 90% of the world’s gold, and the alleged royals making the Youtube videos claiming to be Swissindo do not say which family they are (there are many independent royal families from different islands, but they all know each other) which is disrespectful to other royals and not typical for the normally very proud royal families. Secondly those in the video are not recognized.  Not recognized by whom?  The other players in this game who remain unseen?  C’mon, get serious lol!  You guys crack me up!


Lastly, common sense should prevail, in the Swissindo Youtube videos, the UN logo in the background is white paper cut out and glued onto a blue paper background, and the blue paper background is made up of many blue sheets of paper – I mean how dodgy is that? Is that not a red flag?  Irrelevant, Swissindo is their own gig, doing their own thing.  


Indonesian Royals are independent from government but are a part of government in a sense that they make decisions and are consolidated with. While they may not be rich in western standards, in Indonesian standards they are millionaires who could certainly afford to have a proper background set made up if they were going to produce a video for the whole world.”  Yes, and if Neil wanted to add a bit of credibility to his mission, maybe he’d stop making youtubes of his getting his latest haircut, entitled, “Neil Keenan Attacked by Black Clad Female Assassin in Jakharta Shopping Mall.”  Funny stuff!!


OPPT’s principals claim that the Accounts themselves “no longer exist” because the governmental and corporate structures that formed them have been foreclosed, and that the Assets belong by right to “the One People.”  Try telling that to the Empress of China (who now represents China’s historic claim to 85% of the assets in the Global Accounts) and her allies in the Chinese military and other power centers.  Hey Empress — it’s okay for you to come out and play, too…!


If you want to see how the OPPT approach worked in the past, you might want to read up on the bloody chaos of the French Revolution. Those who want to tear down a whole system overnight have historically become tyrants in short order.
Mr. Keenan has a better idea: legally freeze the bad guys’ access to funds, and reform the system from within. You can’t pay mercenaries with autographed photos of Dick Cheney. Pssst….volunteers don’t ask for pay.


There has never been a military coup against the United States government – even though the current corporate bastardization of the Founding Fathers’ framework may have richly deserved one – and it is apparent that the patriots in the Pentagon do not intend to set that precedent, if it can possibly be prevented. However, as Thomas Jefferson reminded us early on in our history, the right of revolution always remains to a people oppressed beyond endurance….when all legal remedies have been exhausted.  Legal remedy = stall tactic.


Those victimized by the OPPT’s false promises can become passionately attached to the instant-freedom-and-wealth pipe dream, and may become enraged at those who puncture the fantasy. It’s normally not Neil Keenan’s job to go around puncturing fantasies. Most days, he’s busy with what is often (trust me on this one) the daily drudgery of moving the Global Collateral Accounts closer to the goal of being finally put to use for the betterment of humanity. The upshot of Keenan taking the time to expose the many frauds perpetrated on the Accounts has been that millions of people have been allowed to see the OPPT’s agenda, nakedly explained by the OPPT itself in black and white: seize control of gold that does not belong to them, and use it to overthrow the governments of the world with their “Military Order and Declaration.” Of course, no one is to be harmed during these insurrections, we are told. Right. Try telling that to the Tunisians, Egyptians, or Syrians.  The choice is really simple…ya either wanna be free or ya don’t.  I AM FREE.


There’s only one yardstick that matters in the end: changes on the ground. The goals of humanitarian programs, eradication of phony debt, freedom from oppression, and environmental restoration come closer to reality every day through the hard on-the-ground work of Mr. Keenan and his many allies.  Who are these allies, guys? 


When it comes to the final takedown of the elite cabal power figures, will that play out peacefully? We certainly hope so. But that is not Mr. Keenan’s job. We will leave that to the patriots in our military and intelligence communities, and to the responsible community-based actions of the vast American militia movement. The cabal criminals will be brought to justice by the proper authorities. Mr. Keenan’s work is to freeze their access to the Accounts….and to work with the Global Account stakeholders to put the funds to work for humanity.  You don’t mean an overthrow of the government that needs to be obeyed, do you?  There is no longer an authority — why keep hanging onto that old paradigm?  LOL!  C’mon guys…we’re all packing our beach stuff, ready to party.  Contrast is great, but the show’s over, time to head to the beach!



And he has already resumed that work with full focus. Expect good news soon. And just to reassure everyone that Mr. Keenan still has what it takes to be the point man for the Accounts, here is some recent footage of the former star point guard “shooting the lights out” on a Jakarta basketball court.  Now you’re talking — let’s have some fun!





And just a last footnote regarding the “Rose Garden Scenarios” – remember, you can tell a scam in the first thirty seconds by the following tell-tale signs:


1. First is a request for help – ‘Hey, we’re trying to free the world – are you interested?’
2. Then they flash the cash…which has one real $100 bill over a stack of phony ones – ‘Hey, I left a huge stash of money in a locker in Indonesia…and with your help I can get it out and save the world! Wanna help? I’ll pay you six million dollars!”
3. And then they want something from you up front – like, oh, say your signature on an Oath and Bond (with a nice friendly title like “Courtesy Notice”) wherein your assets are now part of the One People’s Public Bust….
Ask the NYPD cops in Times Square. They’ve seen gullible marks fall for this kind of scam for decades. Then see the list of links below with additional evidence of the true nature of the OPPT to share with others who may need this information.
Michael Henry Dunn
An up-to-date listing of information on the truth about the OPPT may be found at the following website:
The basis of OPPT is that Charles C. Miller, after a UCC filing in the year 2000, owned the Uniform Commercial Code and in February of 2012, “gifted it” through a UCC filing to Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf:
PL 88-243, 77 stat 630 is the act that created the UCC, so Charlie is stating in the filing that he had “full right, title, interest and ownership to the UCC itself. Here is the the content of PL 88-243:
The infamous OPPT UCC #2000043135 OPPT are forever quoting, was never a OPPT filing – it was by Charlie Miller in 2000 long before OPPT even existed, the whole thing is based on a fiction!
So Charlie (possibly from prison) files and claims the UCC, for 10yrs does nothing, then gifts it his business partner: Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and Charlie Miller were business partners.
A full set of Public documents are posted for public viewing and can be found at


Guys, we’re all waiting for you to put down the sticks and rocks, and pick up the beach balls and cocktails!  Let’s play some beach volleyball and stuff down some fish tacos, washed down with some really cold margaritas!  If you don’t wanna play, that’s okay, we’ll
send you a postcard :) and make a few Youtubes of our own :)




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