So we are all billionaires…then what?

Image>>>fran Wrote:
“Hi Dwire, you talk of us all getting a fair share of the world’s wealth. If we evenly divided up the world’s wealth in terms of material wealth, we wouldn’t have much at all, in fact the average Westerner may have even less. People can only be fabulously wealthy if the vast majority of other people are not. Someone who currently has $5 billion can pretty much buy anything they desire – a private jet, a fleet of sports cars, mansions, their own island etc. However, if everyone had $5 billion, would it be possible for everyone to buy these things? Of course not, there’s simply not enough of these things to go around for everyone, and because the value of $5 billion would not be anything like what it previously was.”
>>>”Hi Fran, thanks for your observation. Firstly, it seems that this is the first observation everyone (including myself) tends to make when considering the idea of prosperity & equality for all & I had even made that enquiry myself on other forums. However, with much thought & consideration, it can be realised that this observation need not be the case.

The quandry you refer to highlights what can be referred to as the ‘earnings to goods ratio’. – the relationship between how much personal wealth a person has & the value of goods that he/she is able to purchase with that wealth. The problem we have when we examine this ration, is that we only have our past experiences in applying this ratio in the world to measure & predict what might happen if everybody were to be wealthy – & our current & past experience is one of being in & operating in a financial landscape based on debt, poverty & servitude.

Now that may sound harsh to the average earner, especially to somebody regarded as a middle class earner, as they would most likely not consider themselves as operating in poverty – however, it should be pointed out that all money is debt (hence the title promissary notes) & is all but worthless were it not for the perception of value by the holder of the promissary note being projected onto the note itself. As were are operating in a fractional reserve banking system (ie the banks only need keep a fraction of real value commodity – I believe around as little as 10% – in security of the notes that they issue) this means technically that around 90% of all money in circulation actually has no backing whatsoever & is basically worth nothing.

I say technically as according to the One Peoples Trust, the banks no longer have the 10% securuty commodity any longer either as it has all now been signed over to the citizens of Earth equally – so currently none of it has the backing of anything that has any worth.

So, given that the world of finance has been governed by the 1% holding onto the 99% of the worlds wealth & the 99% of people scrambling around in slave jobs for their share of the remaining 1%, it’s fair to say that by comparison to the total percieved wealth of the world – we, the 99% have been operating in poverty – espescially as most of the money issued is issued to us has been issued as debt – the promise to pay the bearer in real commodity (gold/silver etc) which never actually comes to fruition & we are additionaly often charged interest for the privilege.
This tilted gametable (as the late George Carlin humourously referred to it as) has been purposfully tilted in favour of the few who control the financial landscape by controlling the flow of money.

Given that there would be no change in this landscape – I whole heartedly agree with your observation. Inflation on a massive scale would be inevitable as everyone in the 99% poverty bracket would seek to profit on a scale the likes of which had never been witnessed before.

BUT… the people in control of the financial gametable no longer have the commodity. It is now in ownership of the citizenry of Earth equally. Our way to handle this wealth & avoid inflation on a massive scale – or devaluation of each note on a massive scale can & will be achieved for a few reasons.

Firstly – This new system will NOT be a fractional reserve system – meaning that 100% of all notes issued (& we don’t even need notes if we choose not to) will be backed by hard value commodity such as precious metals/minerals/stones & property etc. This will set & stablise the value of each unit of the currency by providing a base & more fixed overall value for the collective amount of units in circulation.

Secondly – We will no longer be operating in the mindset of poverty. This is a real game changer. Once we fully come to terms that we are equal shareholders to the worlds entire wealth (& according to TOPPT legal filings we already are) then the days of predatory self profit seeking need no longer continue. Why would we need to seek profit in such predatory manners as hiking prices to extortionate levels if you already were wealthy? It would no longer be necessary & those that seek this would have the 99% to answer to.

Thirdly – this new wealth & the freedom from the poverty/debt based monetary system will give us financial leverage (freedom) to be more creative to humanity as a whole – enabling us to adopt a role of service to the human race as a whole, rather than spending money purely to better ourselves individualy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting for a minute that people shouldn’t spend money to enjoy themselves or buy that posh car,new computer or dream holiday in the sun they always wanted – on the contrary – once this leverage is exercised – every car could be first rate for everybody – every means of travel could be fisrt class – every computer could be the best it could every be with the technology we have available. Why? Because the need to create profit for self serving need will be eliminated. We will have the right financial climate to be creative in a way that serves humanity collectively.

To illustrate this, I am going to use the old classic 4 children in a room of cakes illustration.

4 children are in a room with 3 cakes. The children realise that 3 isn’t enough to go around. The cakes therefore are currently in high value as evry child wants the cake & is willing to go the extra mile to avoid not being the one to go without. (the current financial climate).

All of a sudden, a delivery van shows up with a 100 cakes. The cakes flood the table & suddenly, the children no longer need to go the extra mile to go without – cakes are abundant. BUT (& this is your point) as a result, the value of each cake has gone down as they are now so abundant that they are not so sought after right? No-one is willing or needs to do anything to get the cake.

Ok. How to go around this problem… Let’s say, we change the purpose of the cakes. Let’s say that as well as being able to eat the cake, the children are going to use the cakes to build the biggest cake that ever existed. All of a sudden, the value of each cake has been restored again as every cake is going to be needed. Additionaly, as the children are going to work co-operatively to build the cake, predatory fighting and squabbling has now been replaced by co-operation & unity. They will, together, achieve something they had never before done with the cake with a common purpose as the new focus & still have plenty left for personal consumption.

I hope this helps illustrate the point. This is something we greatly need to get our heads around & come to terms with in my opinion, as becoming an equal shareholder of all the world wealth will require great maturity to handle – something I personally believe we must gravitate to in order to achieve.

It should be pointed out also that true ownership of wealth can never really be obtained as the universe is an illusion anyhow & the only thing we can truly say we own is our freewill. We are more accurately, custodians of the objects within our perception that we have projected our own self worth or added value onto. The need for money will, I believe, be just a passing phase on our journey to one-ness & one that we perhaps could view with great enjoyment & creativity.


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