More on UN-Swissindo and M-1 – Mr. Sino – King-of-Kings


THE SWISSINDO “KING of KINGS”, JOHN F KENNEDY and THE HISTORY of BANKING – where did King Solomon’s treasure go?

“If you have all the money in the world (90% of the entire worlds known gold reserves) and you want to make that a better and more equal world;


It is a serious question and both JFK and the King of Kings, aka M-1 (short for monetary1) or Mr Sino shared this above quoted ideal..

JFK “paid the ultimate price” in his attempts to share this ideal…


M1/Mr Sino, as the direct ‘living” decedent and 681st SWISSINDO “King of Kings” has a lifelong legacy to complete; “to redistribute the worlds combined wealth according to an agreed plan of The Experts…”

“THE PLAN OF THE EXPERTS THEY FEEL is DIVINE. It’s driven by a genuine attempt to better the fate of all mankind and bring them all into a material level of comfort after which man is free enough from daily troubles to pursue mankind’s ultimate goal of Unity with God for each and every one. It is a long worked upon plan of Unifying the World, “for as good as possible for as many as possible” That was their basic guiding principle.” – The History of Banking

The SWISSINDO hold 90% of the worlds known gold reserves (Volume 70,000,000,000 KG’s)…

The history of the SWISSINDO is traced back to the Indonesian Royal families who have been passing along information from generation to generation with their goal of one day using the gold reserves (global assets) that they hold as an instrument to bring “peace and prosperity back to everybody” on the planet.

THIS IS THEIR MISSION. This is the only thing that they truly care about.

This HISTORY of BANKING is a “must see” short, keep it simple – slide show observation that even a trained monkey could follow…most of us are smarter than a monkey aren’t we? 🙂

THE HISTORY of BANKING – where did King Solomon’s treasure go?

SWISSINDO – OPPT As I Understand It… by Brian Kelly…

SWISSINDO – “M1 King of Kings Mr. SINO” Signs (The One People) Oath & Bond…
(Arabic for “Allah/God willing”)
The One People…


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