Latest Update from the *Ground*Crew* in Morocco°!

 [5/27/2013 3:28:47 PM]Image

through Mark Hoza:


I have not read the past 402 posts in here and don’t know how much I’ll get through after posting this before I need to go out to meet with some banking people with Heather’s husband.

Some of you have taken my suggestion to nurture yourselves and then share that with me and ALL of us (not just here in Morocco) holographically and I can feel it so much!!!!  It’s really been WONDERFUL!!!!  Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

I can feel the difference from people sending me and us here in Morocco love and light and loving support, which has been feeling somehow sad for me, personally.  I feel drained with that type of help.  I could choose not to say so, but this is true for me and so I will be honest.  It feels more like energy harvesting yourselves to feed me, which feels draining to me because I feel the energy flowing from one place to another rather than amplifying and becoming MORE!  

When you nourish and nurture yourself and then amplify it to ALL of us outside of you I FEEL SO HAPPY AND EXPANDED!!!  I don’t mean to shout, but really, I don’t know how to say it another way right now.  I feel that the more that you focus on your own life and amplifying the little and big wonders/wins that you feel while cleaning the kitchen floor and washing the dishes, or while fixing something on your family’s car, or during and after attracting a financial win in your business/work life the more that you feed ALL of us!!!  

Why limit ourselves to helping one when we can help everyone?  


Caleb’s body shut down for over 48 hours.  He’s back on the computer, but the Silverlight portion of the launch may be delayed beyond the 1 June launch target.  Today he is getting the website for Project 13 sorted out so that people will have a way to register for that.  Heather, her husband, D and I will be working on some stuff that will be uber cool for bridging tools.  Actually, Heather isn’t in that.  Heather is preparing for something more uber cool that is bridging the perceived heirarchies to assist for a great ceremony involving many, many on many levels, including those gathered here, you all out there on this journey with us, her mother Loie who is working from spirit worlds, galactics, etc.  The focus is on tomorrow for the celebration that will involve the revealing of something new.  

If you want to get the most out of the celebration set aside all the “Yea, but….” thoughts regarding what about the debt collectors and banks, etc calling you right now.  What was was designed to occupy us in this way.  What Heather is giving through a great deed in a co-creation with many, including you and me, is going to be something new and yet there from the beginning of the experiment.  It will be far, far more I M Powering than giving you $6million in your bank account.  Really.  Just enjoy the moment, please.  Have a bath or whatever you need to do to center yourself.  Get into a happy place, in your SELF.  Forget about any “should do” type thoughts and actions.  Whatever helps you feel solid in yourself do that.  Laugh.  Listen to some music that is just right for you.  Amplify the JOY, the DEEP JOY that you feel, out to all of the rest of us.  Each of us pumping deep joy to one another, via our hearts, preparing for the celebration that is coming into this now.

Brian is here now, by the way.  And yesterday enough people gifted funds for Bob to come (within 2 hours of Vera having the idea to ask in the skype rooms!!) that Bob will be here on Saturday.  Vera is doing amazing healing work on everyone here.  Seems to be that part of what is forming up here is the idea that it may become a healing and workshopping centre of sorts.  That’s still in future, as far as time goes, but I’m just saying that it things are pointing that direction.

The Maltese bus idea is not an active competition between Heather and I ( (chuckle) ), so you can relax about that if you are still helping to find one.  I expect one to come into focus when the timing is right for that.  It’s still a fun, fun idea for here.  But we are not likely to go to the desert now.  This is forming up as the place where the ceremony and celebration takes place.  

And so I leave you with my left foot, as that remains as effective a portal in to the fun as anything else.  If you’ve dialed it in you can keep using it.  There was a skin issue in the little toes that has cleared up since making that offer before, so I’d like to roll with it….   


Sorry.  Well, not really.  If you want to dial Imageinto me you might just get used to having fun because I find it very hard to remain serious for too long.  For me fun IS serious.  It is our greatest weapon against the PTW.  They don’t understand fun.  It confuses them.  So tune in to my left foot, take a big whif and see what comes up!
 (puke) – (chuckle) – (wasntme)



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