Update from Morocco – through Mark Hoza

Image[6:04:49 PM | Edited 6:05:09 PM] mark hoza: ===========

From a conversation with Heather I have learned something that I hadn’t “got” before:

When “gold” and “silver” have been said to back the money it wasn’t the metals, ultimately, it was the esoteric gold being the soul and silver being the body of the people.  So what we are seeing in the whole push to “return to gold and silver backed currencies” is a major ruse to get people to demand that currencies be backed by the metals — and left in the ground because they get whisked off planet when they get pulled out, that that’s another story — in the Basil 3 compliant future of banking (as hoped by the PTW who are trying to do a Phoenix of the system to move control into another form of control).
This is a big deal.

What Heather (and her husband and I and others) are working on now is to make transparent what was, which was that we are the Creditors, not the Debtors.  From there we back the currencies with our agreement using our inner “gold”.

[6:05:50 PM] mark hoza: It’s not physically possible for me to be fully engaged here with the work to bring out tools and to keep up with posts.
[6:05:51 PM] mark hoza: I’ll try to get some responses now to some previous posts.
[6:06:53 PM] mark hoza: Please, don’t assume that I am reading what is posted here, and let me know if someone is being excessively dividing.  (Interesting how “Divine” is so close to “divide”, isn’t it?!?)
[6:09:23 PM] mark hoza: NOW, in light of that look at what Foster Gamble just posted regarding the “great” move to return to gold and silver metals to back the money.
[6:09:35 PM] mark hoza: It was never that, but the deception has made it look like that.
[6:10:12 PM] mark hoza: People on this planet, from my research, were genetically modified to lust for gold and silver.
[6:10:37 PM] Unelady: Divine inclue a superior being…isn’t it?
[6:10:39 PM] mark hoza: And especially gold.
[6:11:16 PM] Deb Reid: So, we were GMOed!
[6:11:18 PM] mark hoza: The dna was modified that the people on this planet (Neanderthals, initially) to lust for the getting of gold out of the ground and then hoarding it.  It has always then been teleported off planet.
[6:13:59 PM] mark hoza: The Annunaki needed (and need?) it for their planet’s atmosphere as well as to use to extend their physical bodes’ lives.
[6:14:27 PM] mark hoza: monotomic gold — ormus (sp?)
[6:14:29 PM] mark hoza: Exactly Deb.
[6:14:50 PM] mark hoza: It’s brilliant how we go nuts to get the stuff and even to gather it together.  Then it gets lifted.
[6:14:56 PM] Aaron J. Kamakawiwo‘ole: Mark, that falls very much in line with what Zecharia sitchin presented in genesis revisited
[6:15:09 PM] mark hoza: yes
[6:15:13 PM] Aaron J. Kamakawiwo‘ole: Ormus is the correct spelling
[6:15:14 PM] Wolff Coulombe: But not for much longer 🙂
[6:15:34 PM] mark hoza: And Frank Jordan has written a couple of books on this theme.
[6:16:12 PM] Wolff Coulombe: the teleporting was a scene in the movie Cowboys and Aliens with Daniel Craig
[6:16:12 PM] Aaron J. Kamakawiwo‘ole: It also correlates with what Barbara Marciniak shares in bringers of the dawn, and earth: Pleiadian keys
[6:16:33 PM] Aaron J. Kamakawiwo‘ole: The genetic modification aspect of it
[6:18:07 PM] Aaron J. Kamakawiwo‘ole: Genesis revisited, for anyone who fancys it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s3xsk4h0op0d6ry/Genesis-Revisited%20by%20Zecharia-Sitchin.pdf
[6:18:27 PM] Steph: (*)(*)Mark, thank you for that information. In addition to our energetic intent, is there more “boots on the ground” style work we can do to assist you, Heather, her husband, and others in accomplishing this endeavor of making transparent the information that WE are the creditors, and not the debtors? (*)(*)
[6:20:03 PM] mark hoza: hmmm
[6:20:07 PM] mark hoza: Thinking.
[6:20:23 PM] Aaron J. Kamakawiwo‘ole: http://youtu.be/GKpVR0jqL3w  — Bringers of the Dawn

http://youtu.be/YsvN1rUWoz8  Earth; Pleiadian Keys
[6:20:56 PM] mark hoza: What I’m seeing is that we are looking at being at the cutting edge of a wave that will need to develop.
[6:21:08 PM] mark hoza: So I don’t see full usefull access to our value tomorrow.
[6:21:34 PM] mark hoza: BUT, what I see is what we are going to do as the beginning of this process.
[6:21:43 PM] mark hoza: And the more that we do it the more quiickly it will roll out.
[6:21:54 PM] mark hoza: TALKING about it only is not enough.
[6:22:02 PM] mark hoza: Heather may have pulled out of the rooms.
[6:22:11 PM] mark hoza: And she said that she isn’t going to talk on the shows any more.
[6:22:21 PM] mark hoza: But she’s fully on the job.
[6:23:02 PM] mark hoza: And that’s partly why I am here, too.
[6:23:27 PM] mark hoza: We have some practical strategies that we want to start with and then it will be a process of discovery and maybe others will come to the party.
[6:23:48 PM] Luc: Yes it is feeling, experiencing also thevibrational frequency energy of it
[6:23:53 PM] mark hoza: I have a personal belief that Mr. Sino will come to the party and rise to the occasion in a way that the Divines who have put him in position do not want.
[6:24:34 PM] mark hoza: So far he is coming out saying one thing and yet (perhaps unknowingly) doing a Phoenix on the system.
[6:24:58 PM] Joseph: (*)    Mark  ?   realisitcally as you can state, how does release of the desktop  app seem to be coming along and release approximation  GENERALLY speaking of course (*)
[6:25:29 PM] mark hoza: The beauty of that strategy is that the masses DEMAND that they be enslaved in a new way!
[6:25:30 PM] mark hoza: Moving the control from one place to another, which is how the Divines have used the PTW to shift power from one group of managers to another when the masses get restless.
[6:25:51 PM] mark hoza: Desktop version will likekly be by mid June.
[6:25:51 PM] mark hoza: That’s my guess.
[6:26:14 PM] Joseph: i only ask cuz i am android user and it will be time before that is completed
[6:26:33 PM] mark hoza: Caleb is getting what he can out now and that will get it over the line energetically.
[6:26:50 PM] mark hoza: Then it will be a case of new versions every week or so.
[6:26:51 PM] Joseph: kk thanks
[6:26:57 PM] mark hoza: Until it is more stable.
[6:27:00 PM] mark hoza: Until it is closer to what we want.
[6:27:05 PM] mark hoza: We will drive it.
[6:27:54 PM] mark hoza: And he and I have a wonderful working relationship, warmed with heart warmth and mutual respect, to give me, personally an opportunity to steer the P13 platform in the direction of what we need for the I/UV Exchange.
[6:27:57 PM] Joseph: yep 🙂   giver hell
[6:28:38 PM] mark hoza: I’m going to push hard hard hard for an Android App asap, for example.
[6:29:05 PM] mark hoza: I don’t give a hill of beans that Caleb doesn’t like certain things.  The thing is that we are using iPhones and Android phones A LOT.
[6:29:18 PM] mark hoza: He’s good with that.
[6:29:25 PM] Unelady: Thanks so much to the team in Morrocco! Great energy! (F)
[6:29:31 PM] mark hoza: I just know that it is going to cost a bit to develop.
[6:29:39 PM] mark hoza: However, the cost of development is ok.
[6:29:52 PM] Steph: may any tools that are known to some, be known to all (heart)
[6:29:58 PM] mark hoza: If the initial membership is strong then it will fund everything quickly.
[6:30:28 PM] mark hoza: He can oogle over Windows Mobile all he likes, as long as we have Apps for what people actually use.  (chuckle)
[6:30:49 PM] mark hoza: One friend asked, “Does anyone actually *have* a Windows Phone?”
[6:30:55 PM] mark hoza: lol
[6:31:21 PM] mark hoza: Eventually we will likely make a phone for P13 and for the I/UV….   that’s just an idea.
[6:31:32 PM] mark hoza: I am big on working with what is being used.
[6:31:48 PM] mark hoza: Any way, all in process.
[6:31:58 PM] mark hoza: I mean…..
[6:32:04 PM] mark hoza: That’s the whole point.
[6:32:06 PM] mark hoza: This will develop organically, driven by the user base.
[6:33:11 PM] mark hoza: Heather can start out by backing the RV of the Dinar, the Dong, etc, and make everything 1:1 in the I/UV Exchange system.
[6:33:11 PM] mark hoza: That is just fun.
[6:33:26 PM] Oliver Troll: [6:11 PM] Deb Reid:

<<< So, we were GMOed!Yepp in order to harvest gold.. I’ve never been into gold.. more silver if anything ..  now I know why..
[6:33:30 PM] mark hoza: Then, from there we can work within I/UV or into any currency we want.
[6:34:06 PM] mark hoza: This will take time to develop and roll out, but the vision of it is “Done” according to Heather.  She says that it is all done.
[6:34:24 PM] mark hoza: What we are looking at now is the unfoldment of the external manifestations of tools.
[6:35:06 PM] mark hoza: BUT!  The HEART of the I/UV Exchange is each one of us as Eternal Essence Embodied.
[6:35:19 PM] mark hoza: Including the galactics and even the Divines.
[6:35:29 PM] mark hoza: And the metals, such as gold.
[6:35:36 PM] mark hoza: Gold is a key player.
[6:35:46 PM] mark hoza: Here’s a game:
[6:36:06 PM] mark hoza: Read Goethe’s Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily.
[6:36:11 PM] mark hoza: Very short read, tho key.
[6:36:18 PM] mark hoza: Here is an online version:
[6:36:28 PM | Edited 6:36:55 PM] Oliver Troll: Mark this is why ABSOLUTE DATA IS ESSENCIAL so people understand that we have been altered with.. 😉
[6:36:45 PM] mark hoza: http://wn.rsarchive.org/RelAuthors/GoetheJW/GreenSnake.html
[6:37:38 PM | Edited 6:38:23 PM] mark hoza: =====================


Read this and see what resonates with your heart in relation to what we are doing right now with the I/UV Exchange!


It’s a short read.  Very short.  This arguably Goethe’s single greatest gift to Humanity from all his life’s work.

[6:38:16 PM] Oliver Troll: think of the fun when they saw that all the gold was gone.. slight panic.. in the Reptilian ranks.
[6:38:34 PM] mark hoza: Yes Olver.
[6:38:40 PM] mark hoza: That is key.
[6:38:57 PM] Oliver Troll: So the silver demand we have inherited is more like a smoke screen to hide our gold urge..
[6:39:31 PM] Oliver Troll: they are always DO’ing two things as it seems..
[6:39:37 PM] mark hoza: So that when the Divines stick something in our view as a “solution” that we can see it for the trick that it is.  And then decide whether to transmute it and work with it in a new way, or to ignore it as a distraction and a tool for division.
[6:40:21 PM] Oliver Troll: Reptilian: ” well if we just get them to want gold they will be suspicious so we put in a silver urge as well..
[6:41:53 PM] mark hoza: Mr. Sino is in a place where he could choose to release all of the treasures that SwissIndo has WITHOUT the proviso that we all become subjects of 5 Kingdoms.  I mean wtf?!?
[6:42:09 PM] mark hoza: But Ani Forest and Heather both feel Mr. Sino’s heart is clean.
[6:42:48 PM] mark hoza: If he makes the decision he could really perform a wonderful deed to free all of us from the controls that have been in place.
[6:42:54 PM] Oliver Troll: .. I was thinking why is it that we don’t like rocks in the same way as gold?
[6:43:31 PM] Oliver Troll: we need no kingdoms..
[6:43:44 PM] Oliver Troll: .. in order to be in heaven..
[6:43:56 PM] mark hoza: If we work as initially described with the Provost Marshalls working with the United Nations (Corp) to pull down the current power structures to replace with a new set of heirarchies then where are we?  Is it worth $6 million each?
[6:44:08 PM] Oliver Troll: just let the schackles loose and start create.. and we’ll be fine..
[6:44:14 PM] Aaron J. Kamakawiwo‘ole: I’m a jew, and I’ve never been drawn to gold. Perhaps they missed me with the programming stamp (oliver)
[6:44:34 PM] Oliver Troll: Aaron.. ha ha ha
[6:45:15 PM] Oliver Troll: apparently I was in the resistance movement already during Ghandis days.. (rofl) back at it again..
[6:46:21 PM | Edited 6:46:38 PM] Oliver Troll: I think Mr. Sino perfectly understands the dealings.. but he just had to try to push the button once more.. lol
[6:47:26 PM] Aaron J. Kamakawiwo‘ole: Turmeric, for example, is far more valuable to me
[6:47:47 PM] Aaron J. Kamakawiwo‘ole: I suppose that’s sort of gold…
[6:48:06 PM | Edited 6:49:02 PM] Oliver Troll: mark.. how does one explain to a car sales person that his urge for gold is from the reptilians..? 😛 (facepalm) (rofl) and then tell him that your gold is within. Without some ABSOLUTE DATA this will be a though one..
[6:48:33 PM] mark hoza: Aaron Goldstein!?
[6:50:20 PM] mark hoza: [6:47 PM] Oliver Troll:

<<< I think Mr. Sino perfectly understands the dealings.. but he just had to try to push the button once more.. lolIt’s a question for me whether he sees the Phoenix move or whether he is fed a leading body of data so that his heart remains pure (which resonates with others to get the job done with full acceptance by the masses) and yet the obvious way forward is the Divine plan of Dividing!
[6:50:30 PM | Edited 6:51:04 PM] Aaron J. Kamakawiwo‘ole: Goldsteinbergbaummanbaugh, actually
[6:50:46 PM] Aaron J. Kamakawiwo‘ole: 😉
[6:52:09 PM] mark hoza: nice
[6:53:39 PM] Steph: so, if one is not in possesion of a windows phone, or an iphone…it will be a couple more weeks before project XIII is available, correct?
[6:53:43 PM] Oliver Troll: mark if the physical gold is all gone.. Mr.Sino should know this is serious..
[6:54:23 PM] mark hoza: bbl
[6:55:01 PM] mark hoza: correct

And let me tell you Windows Phones make better paper weights than smart phones.
[6:55:40 PM] mark hoza: Caleb begs to differ, but he is wrong.


One thought on “Update from Morocco – through Mark Hoza

  1. This is interesting. I was talking with a local fellow here in eastern Canada recently who’s been working in gold-mining in Africa (Senegal most recently) and he is on shut-down now, like many. He told me that he has been working in Africa for 20 years and nobody has ever seen this before — no work, companies stopping the drilling in a heartbeat and all kinds of companies going bankrupt overnight.

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