Latest Update through MarkHoza…

[5:59:42 PM] meadowchild: Update von Mark (*)
[3:12:19 AM] mark hoza: ===============

Tho this isn’t details I can say that I am very happy with Heather’s depth and breadth of experience and level of contacts in the areas of international banking and law.  Also, with her Eternal Essence.  The work now is to get the tools available for all of us.  That is what we are doing.  I don’t know timeframes, but I do know that everything is rolling fast.  I am working directly with Heather on things to help get it so that our I/UV Accounts are useable for any currency outside of it and so that it is attractive for people to work within it so that essentially we move away from representation to direct energetic exchanges.

For what it’s worth.  (F)



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