Current view on things by Ginger V.°!

I want to apologize for not having put much of my own thoughts and creative potential into Imagethis blog of mine yet – so far. I´m in a difficult personal situation and had a lot of emotional stress that impedes my creative flow tremendously. Until things are solved I will continue to share what I find during my daily research and contacts on the internet to be the most appropriate and worth your attention. Here´s a very good overall-perspective on how things are coming along from my FB-friend Ginger Vogler – ThankYou for Your work, dear Ginger and ThankYou for Your attention, dear reader!


Aloha Everyone,

While I hate to be a potential party-pooper here, something has really been bothering me about all “the global reset” stuff (prosperity programs, rv, nesara, announcements) that never happen, still.

To be honest, it feels to me like there are still too many global elite controllers who are playing as many bankster games only amongst themselves as long as possible . . . all while promising to launch the global reset goodies to the people/humanity . . . and further harvesting human energies of hope then disappointment, anger, fear, running out money, loosing their homes and everything.

And after making some investigations recently, it would not surprise me now to learn that NONE of these elite banksters have any gold or silver in vaults to back any global reset programs at all . . . including not even the SWISSINDO families! (and note – this is something that most OP folks do not understand could be true yet, as D of Remove The Shackles blog, or Heather have never clearly connected these dots for anyone)

Further more, I sense D is so close to the real intel (as Poof was) she cannot say. All she can share is what she said in her Skype RTS chat this morning . . .

[6/14/13 9:06:11 AM] D breakingthesilence:
“The Global reset is the elites way of consolidating all the worlds wealth into one system which they will control, the little man will be left out to dry, so if you think this will be a good thing people, just wait and see once its all over, and the FED is not dead, it will just have a new name, the UST, now you will believe its a government agency, but most people dont seem to know that the PTB already own the government so FED or UST, its the same horse. People i warn you now, now matter how good anything seems, no matter how much they say go out in the streets and party, ALWAYS keep your guard up and think and watch before you act or believe, Just look up Stockholm Bloodbath, (“everything is great people, come to the party”), if you think it cant happen here, just look deeper, its happening in many parts of the world”

And despite how much I have loved Zap’s recent reports and wanted to believe Sheldon Nidle’s Sirian updates, the reality of this matrix is highly complex with all decks stacked against Humanity’s collective authentic freedom prevailing . . . IS the actual reality here.

And while I did not want to believe Andrew Bartzis seeing . . . “the only way anything is going to shift this power grid of control, is when enough folks awake and protest outside of mainstream media broadcasting stations . . . on the scale of the late 60’s protests” . . . I have to now stop and consider that his perception just might be accurate, like it or not. Do I still believe in some benevolent intervention going on? Absolutely! It’s just that they need to see a critical mass of us out there . . . until the media finally is not so afraid to report the truth.

However, I ALSO hold a huge Absolute Space for everything to shift in a “twinkling of an eye”, as Heather likes to state . . . and with massive amounts of ROFL cosmic humor upon endless idealist optimism!
Humanity WILL win back it’s consciousness fully!

In closing please note – This post is ONLY my personal opinion expressed, that essentially most likely . . . ALL the massive global vaults of gold and silver were taken off-world some time ago . . . and just all my current perspective on things for today – Ginger Vogler


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