Emotions Processing Call July 3, 2013

Most important in these times of transition…

Welcoming Your Emotions

Here is the link to the live call.  Ali, from Paris, and Ginger, from Florida, joined me on the live call.


Today I guided Ali in processing anger and Ginger in processing resentment.  Towards the end of the call, the subject of how on-going relationships came up and we discussed it further.  The call continued for 17 more minutes but a technical glitch caused it to stop just after an hour.  What a great call! Thank you Ali and Ginger for sharing your emotions and processes with all of us.  Love you!!

*Update* 7/4/2013

A friend informed me that the voice of the caller drops during the recording.  This is indeed the case, at the 8 min mark, Ali drops off when I go to add Ginger to the call.  From there on, the only voice on the recording is mine.  It was still a fantastic call and know…

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