Update July 7th – from *D* @ RTS:

…..Transparency on the ^^^R^i^S^E^!^!^ …MAjOR-*DOTs* connecting °!NOW!°

“…. This isn’t about Politics & Finance any more.  It’s about the energetics.  “They” know that.  Hence they attempted to keep us busy and off guard for a few days…”

When they couldn’t do anything to physically interfere with our work (which was made very very clear when we were in the desert), they had to ramp up the energetic angst.  It definitely delayed things…. BUT in those delays came clarity and absolute data and transparency, which was necessary to move forward…. so the reality is that for all their meddling with people (mentally, emotionally, and physically), all the crashing glasses, the exploding jars, the blown fuses, the smoking electrical outlets, the watchers maneuvering frequencies at us….The work is still getting done.

A HUGE Thank You to everyone out there that has been helping us with the energetic clearing going on.  The “watcher” has suddenly decided to go on vacation…. teeheehee. Thanx ladies!……”

*July*7th* ^Update^ on *RTS* – It´s ALL good!


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