Can You see it coming yet?!

I don´t know if You´ve noticed, but the dots are appearing and connecting ever-so-quickly now. Even the purported “main-stream-news” are already giving You clues – if You know to interpret them.

One of the MAJOR announcements was that HSBC said bye-bye to all consulates and the Vatican as customers. That in and of itself is an earth-shattering event when You grasp it´s true significance.

The latest announcement and decree from the pope concerning the end of immunity for all contracted under the vatican is another BIG one when You know or research the implications.

A few more most obvious signs are described in this great post by George Stankov titled “World-wide bank crash commenced!”

The most conclusive and extensive overview i.m.h.o. comes from “RTS” and leaves very little to Your guessing or imagination: They are all broke!

So better hang-on and enjoy the ride°! See You at the big After-Party°!


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