*SouthPark* – 9/11 inside-job°!

Kyle: “Really?!”

truther-guy: “You won´t get away with this – people know!”

Bush: “People? You mean ´sheeple´! We have the majority of them in chicken blissful ignorance. Just one mor week to fix.”

truther-guy: “Wait, what´re You doing?!”

Bush: “You´ve been a thorn in our side for too long – freak!”

truther-guy: “No. You can´t do this!! I´ll stop! I´ll take down the website!”

Bush: “Too late!”

Stan: “Jesus Christ!

Cheney: “He died like a pig!”

Bush: “Some pigs never learn!”

Kyle: “No, wait..!”

Stan: “He was right, You DiD cause nine-eleven!!”

Bush: “Yes! Quite simple to pull-off, really. All I had to do is have explosives planted in the basement of the towers. Then on 9/11 we pretended like four planes were being hi-jacked when really we just re-routed them to Pennsylvania; then flew two military jets in the world trade center filled with more explosives; and shot down all the witnesses from flight 93 with an F15 after blowin´up the pentagon with a cruise-missle. It was only the world´s most intricate flawlessly executed plan ever …ever!”

Kyle: “Really?!”

Stan: “Why?”

Bush: “The oldest reason in the world: money! The towers fell – the American sheeple all waved their flags. Planned out that we could invade Iraq and get the oil which made us all even richer than before!”

Cheney: “Beautiful money! Hahaha!!”

Kyle: “Really?!?”

Stan: “Is the whole government in on this?”

Bush: “We´re all-knowing and all powerful! Good-bye boys!”

Cheney:”Damn, I missed the kid!”

Bush: “Fo´Chrissake, Cheney!”

Kyle(?): “Run!!”


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