I am the  creator of this blog and my LIFE which I am grateful for beyond words. I have enjoyed the great fortune of growing up in a loving environment and travelling far around the world. Through my education and unique perspective I was also fortunate enough to discover some major “cracks in the matrix” early on and thanks to my firm comprehension of computers and the internet I have been granted insights and an overview of what´s REALLY going on “behind the veils” that others might well have missed or not become aware of.

NOW is the time that the Liberation of Huemanity is taking place all around our Earth and the individual movements are rapidly connecting. I see a sacred Grid*of*Light flaring up around our planet and the individual sparks inter-connecting to bring even the last hidden crevices to *Light*  and finally bring us back to our original purpose as stewards of our reality – as co-creators for the good of all.

With the unique position of insight and sitting at the very fountainhead of absolute data comes the responsibility to pass on the knowledge – the intel – spread the Love and Light –

and that is what I am DOing with this blog. Enjoy!

In´Lakech ala kin! *mike



7 thoughts on “About/me

  1. Cool to hear from you! What can I do! I wish to make my art and music and travel the world, finding my home, wish to let all humans know that we are free to travel and free to all live in beauty and abundance of source, still I amnot sure where to go next, feelin kind of stuck in Berlin, having not even my own home since years for I needed to hide for my freedom and human rights. Thanks for your coming reply! Love Natascha smiling

    • Hi Natasha°! *Sparks* are connecting a,t the speed of ,*Heart* !NOW! and You are a WaySeer for-REAL. Just checked Your YT-channel briefly and Your DOing resonates instantly. We are coming together developing a *Freedom*Zone* and *Base*Camp*Huemanity* here in Odin´s Forest (“OdenWald”) right now.

      We are turning a farm-house into a retreat for child#ren of all ages where they will be supplied with all that assists them in discovering who they BE – and to D#O accordingly. The yo#ungest get first say. A Q-Spot – or “Q-Fleck” in Deutschisch 😉 Q for Quality – a place of harmony and love for all LIFE°!

      If You want to connect or hear more about our Vision and Project You can DO so via http://www.facebook.com/webefree or via email: mike36@mail.com

      In absolute *Gratitude* and *Appreciation* for Your BEing and DOing!

      In´Lakech Ala´Kin°! *mike

      • just read your message and I feel touched again…always when I come through with my love…and my truth, I am preparing things and thoughts and poems to speak up for the humans so that they can get easily back into their power….surely I can iive it and show that it is possible and some great old knowledge too…singing for the love and freedom and abundance of all great things…..more videos coming soon….wish right now to travel to the BlackMoonFestival, hope to find someone who drives from Berlin by car….

  2. In which area of Planet Earth did you start your journey Mike? Seems that you have traveled all over – is there an area that you call ‘home’ or are you just a natural nomad?

    • ThankYou for Your comment/question: I was born on a stretch of land on the “European peninsula” 😀 …my heart is my home. I would like to settle some day and grow some roots – but that will be in a more natural setting than the cold and manipulated “1st-world”, “G20” or “civilized” areas … To my best experience the simpler and less “structured” the more loyal and open the people are generally… 😉

  3. I love that your heart is your home! What a great way to feel. I agree about natural settings – I too love to live in nature – I have not lived in a city environment and do not plan to. Thanks for your message here, peace n love to you.

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