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Some introductory historic interviews, presentations and conversations to grasp the Basics:

A conversation with Heather Tucci-Jarraf, Trustee of The One People’s Public Trust

 * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paz5lEoxXrc  * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ *

Understanding The OPPT

* ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgAuGWTgERI  * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ *

Eternal Essence Inspired by the latest One Peoples Public Trust filing.WE ARE FREE

* ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpVgfKnhP1I * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ *

..and here answers, explanations and comments

from Heather via Skype^:

The whole universe knows where I BE and DO…I may just have to move to a hotel so that there is space enough for everyone (rofl)


univotel over the stars (*)…and I meet Kauilepele at Java over the Stars for some univojo! 😉


I am absolutely IN JOY and gratitude for you BE’ing here NOW….all of you!


..awesome! PERSON vs. natural person…etc….all that is old paradigm…pope…divines…CEO’s …CORPORATIONS…etc….this IS the moment to create as you choose by free will…

 my body is proof on earth of my existence

my energetic signature is proof in eternal essence universe of my existence

my BE’ing eternal essence IS the value…what DO I choose to DO with that value? How DO I choose to use it?

DO’ing is the movement, production with, transfer, delivery, and receipt of the energy, the energy is eternal essence.

all this IS…

 there are no delays of IS…IS already BE DONE. (heart)

[6:00:33 PM] Steph: we intend for Caleb the safest travels, and that he and Heather be surrounded by our eternal love

[6:01:59 PM]


DONE, STEPH!!! THANK YOU (bow)(heart)

[3:54 PM] Diane Geldert:< Heather is there anyway to have a Q & A paper to answer Questions just about the I UV mostly how to use it I would like to know how to purchase for example 1 a truck 2 groceries and 3 household items like (bed or dinette set)

[5:37:04 PM]


Diane, Caleb arrives here in a few days and then we DO finish all that matter and he will DO his launch and then the I/UV Ixchange can BE launched for all with all details….

[5:56:29 PM]


Francesca, I know you are DO’ing the piece on comparing ENP with OPPT or rather writing a piece to debunk OPPT and uplift ENP (Economica Nuova Paradigma) and have asked for others in many rooms to assist you in understanding OPPT, the filings, etc., with little response or assistance…that is an energetic thing….as I told Tracy Smith who self-represented herself as BE’ing with The Sunke Temple Trust, who basically operated in the same manner, there is no competition…OPPT was never for competition…it was never meant to be and never was a movement”…OPPT had a job to DO…to DO part of a “job” of the NOW moment that is happening…a part of the “job” that was not meant to be DONE DONE until this moment NOW (so no need to compare it to all perceived past or present “movements”)…the OPPT tool completed its part of the “job”…it has been retired, reconciled…

let me put this in plain english, because I DO have to go and DO elsewhere this moment…I am borrowing from American Kabuki for the analogy which is applicable here….ENP is akin to wordpress which IMPOWERS many to create (beautiful!)…I/UV Ixchange is akin to the internet that wordpress exists on…what Caleb is DO’ing…well, let’s let him reveal that in full detail 😉

I chose not to respond to your emails after the first six, with the sixth one being where you asked me to watch out for people for you because some people in Italy were trying to steal the work you had done….the fear (ego?) did not resonate with me, but your work and that of others is beautiful and amongst many of the DO’ing that inspires me to make sure that DO’ing happens absent limit for all embodiments of eternal essence. SO I WATCHED….AND I STILL DO… WHEN IT IS IN FOCUS in the PRESENT BEFORE ME.

I love you, Francesca, and nothing you choose to DO can change that. Keep imagining absent limit and DO’ing what you imagine…you and every embodiment. (heart)


with absolute gratitude, love and peace. Heather.


[4/30/2013 12:24:03 PM] jarrafusa: UMANMIKE, VERA and MIKE HOZA….absolute gratitude for yesterday!:

[Tuesday, April 30, 2013 12:07 PM] Jarrafusa:

<<< duhhhhh…sorry Loie…I am a little slow:  Ok…the Butterfly Art…my mother was an national artist (international if you count the Prince from some Arabic country that loved her work)…my cousin Kimmy had epilepsy and died in a swimming pool when she was a young child…she knew that she was going to transition and spoke to my mother often before that transition of becoming a butterfly…when she transitioned Loie was inspired to DO her butterfly series…beautiful colors with gold leaf (umanmike’s reference the other day of co-creating art with the gold)…and music notes (Beethoven’s symphonies)….HELLO MOM!!!!! Message received….IMAGINE ABSENT LIMITS AND THEN DO WHAT WE IMAGINE….SEE YOU AT THE NOW CROSSROAD, LOVE.  I AM SOOOOOO PROUD AND FULL OF LOVE AND PEACE.  Thank you.  Namaste. (heart)
[4/30/2013 12:25:34 PM] jarrafusa: [3:10:08 AM] Jarrafusa: I asked my father to scan her art work for all the universe to IN JOY…she often co-created with gold…she ALL WAYS created with eternal essence conscious…that is why sooo many resonated with her work.
[3:10:26 AM] Jarrafusa: p.s.  thank you absolutely for the giggle fits yesterday (chuckle)
[3:13:22 AM] vera: YES YES YES – I LOVE Butterflies – they represent FREEDOM and transformation! Woo Hoo, still dancin’ and visualizing the white suit on BRI – YARN  (rofl)
[3:13:56 AM] vera: Do you have an image of Loie’s work Heather, I would love to see some.  :*
[3:15:53 AM] Jarrafusa: http://www.obitsforlife.com/obituary/689409/Tucci-Lois.php


Love to all from Loie…you are in her conscious and she looks forward to playing with you again NOW….
[4/30/2013 12:26:18 PM] jarrafusa: THE BIG REVEAL AND PARTY!!!! \o/(party)

“..we have moved way past the well-worn opinion of “UCC is not applicable in….the OPPT filings are not done right….etc.”….IT IS DONE…

and all has moved on.  Correct Diane and Oliver!”

<Oliver Troll:>
<<<  “Always seek the advice of educated, reputable and honorable scholars of law first, before any action involving the law.”

“Oliver….I always was asked “do you know any honest attorneys?”  An oxymoron to some degree, yes…however, it is more a matter of incompetency by design…the design of the principals & co of the former slavery systems…attorneys are compromised the moment they become an attorney, but they don’t know that…those that do, well….they make a choice…same as I had to make….”


<<< “and you are still here and intend to be for some 1000+ years, right?”>>>


“..in this energetic pattern…just around 6,000 years ;)…then I will choose what to DO next!” (heart)


<<< “I bet all these paid esquires are sweating reading the filings, as there is not much they can do….. to say they are not valid is ALL they can muster and keep pushing the old as long as it goes” (wave) >>>


“..those who know, are really excited to BE free…those who are agenda, are not happy and scared…those who are spouting out of their mouth, but not putting their full responsibility/liability behind it (rebuttal) are just schilling and hoping for the reward (absent guarantee) that they were promised if they pushed the “opinion”…and there are those who just don’t care as long as their pay checks are cashing in…and those are starting to be chipped away at as of 2011…SOOOOOOO if they don’t know, they sense, if they don’t sense, they DO know shortly…I send them absolute love, peace and gratitude absent limit.” (heart)

mark hoza:

“Heather’s busily trying to help save the world and we are teaching how to make little scratching cats.”


“..mark.. (chuckle)…actually, I love knowing emoticons…ask D…I used her personal skype a few months back to practice…and stomped my skype feet until she taught me them all 😀

..off to mommy duty!!! see you after children in bed, fed, and clean (heart)  Have tons of fun!!!” ♥ ♥ ♥

[some on the Italian Faction*m]

Alfred On Gaia:

“he assumes that the principal document is the  l’UCC-1 Financing Statement, where no debtor is mentioned – they sell deposited others (Aemendement) where the debtor is fictitious.”


I do not know what he is meaning to say here….please have him clarify…because all the filings have EVERY THING from the original perpetuity filing to every last amendment.

Alfred On Gaia:

”  According to him, this is why no one has been able to answer.”


If that is his opinion then perhaps it would be wise for him to seek legal counsel that is well-trained and versed in the matters at hand before he attempts to do any kind of formal rebuttal…because that would be with his full responsibilty and liability… I am loving and grace-filled, but any official rebuttal is with his full responsibility and liability…as we are fully responsible and liable for the DECLARATION OF FACTS and everything we DO. (heart)

Alfred On Gaia:

<<< of Course… we just would love to reply to him in a good way


“..he first has to give you something to reply to….the DECLARATION OF FACTS is the action…he or whomever he “represents” (Berlusconi?…check the firm he is supposedly with…Berlusconi has gotten very sloppy since the Bond incident) has to issue a duly verified DECLARATION OF REBUTTAL etc….then you/we would have something to reply to….DO YOU SEE?  That is lawyering 101….

he assumes that the principal document is the  l’UCC-1 Financing Statement, where no debtor is mentionedhe really should seek legal counsel….ok…UCC-1 perpetuity filing does name a debtor Doc No 2000043135…and all amendments thereunder register additional debtors thereafter…he would have to read all the filings to actually know that…which he hasn’t or he wouldn’t have made that statement…”

“..then he has to get past Caleb, Randall, and I first as it is our full responsiblity and liability that all was done under…fully insured, guaranteed and bonded…give him my skype, phone number and email and he can proceed from there….WE DO THIS ABSOLUTELY TRANSPARENTLY…for all the universe to watch, observe and know.

Alfred send him to me…I DO take care of this….transparently…”

Oliver Troll: Heather is saying – LETS PLAY…. 😉

Alfred On Gaia:

“Heather he is just an Individual Lawyer saying that he acts for freedom purpose and anti scam
But I know he has political connection.”


send him to me and we can run his identity through intelligence agencies…publicly…to see who he BE and what he DO 😉


“ofcourse Friends, we all know in our heart what is true
unfortunately, seems to be on the side of Beppe Grillo


(rofl)….too funny…what is his full name Alfred?  I will do a preliminary investigation on who he BE and who may be behind him.  Please….I will release that data as I get it.

Alfred: Ok Heather Ty for you assistance. Sabato Scala. He defines himslf a justice paladine 🙂

well, Oliver, let’s see who wants to play and how….other wise….all know the rules…rules that they have been using forever (chuckle);)…and now they don’t want to play by them….lol.
.. got it Alfred…will let you know what I find…this was always my favorite part…the investigation! :* Baci!”

“Heather u should sue these clowns for false information http://company-director-check.co.uk/director/916922015#resigned-appointmentswhy?


“..so I can be distracted and not get out the I/UV Ixchange tools of assistance?  who are they harming Nickin?  Not me…You?”

Basic definitions – explanations – ReSources –  about and around the developments of the OnePeople´s-Movement – the Liberation in general – the FREEDOM-crowd so to speak!

The One People’s Public Trust 

The OPPT documents that were disclosed on December 25th have swept across the land like wildfire. It has become a grassroots movement taken on by hundreds of thousands of people across the world (soon to be millions) who all want the same thing; They want freedom from the old enslavement system and a choice to live their lives according to their own free will and to exercise their own free will choices. The current systems have failed and they are being held up only by artificial means and the last bit of energy that was already “in the pipes” before the foreclosure. The OPPT documents open the door to the possibility of allowing the people to free themselves from these failed systems and co-create a new system, according to the desires and free will choice of each acting in the highest good of all where we can all thrive.

What is the One People’s Public Trust?

The One People’s Public Trust itself consists of every person on the planet, the planet itself and the Creator.

The One People’s Trust trustees are a talented group of very skilled individuals including legal professionals who, in conjunction with a positive group inside the financial system, carried out extensive investigations into the massive fraud and theft taking place at the time.

After exercising extreme prudence, the OPPT concluded that the corporations operating under the guise of the people’s government and financial systems were committing treason against the people of this planet without the people’s knowing, willing and intentional consent. Through a series of REGISTRATIONS of the BE’ing of the one people of this planet, the land, airs, seas and every creation thereof and therefrom, all unlawful and illegal claims of ownership and actions of management and control by the principals, agents and beneficiaries were lawfully and legally duly cancelled and foreclosed upon by their own free will choice not to remedy the damage they had caused. The final report from the investigation is to be found here http://oppt-in.com/oppt-absolute/oppt-initial-investigation/

Direct link to the document.

OPPT guards, protects and preserves all BE’ing, inclusive of gold and silver previously misused and abused by the banking system. The one people of this planet, and all BE’ings guarded, preserved and protected in Trust, individually and equally, are the only lawful and legal issuers of any legitimate REPRESENTATION of value, especially currency. The alleged main stream banking system no longer has asset backing. The trustees have returned and allocated a significant amount value to each human, a value that could pay the debt of the average person many, many times over. This is unnecessary of course. All debt has been eliminated by the very fact that the banks chose not to provide verified documentation that a loan had ever been made, as a matter of law, as a matter of fact, and as a matter of public policy, and the banks therefore chose by their free will choice to foreclose on themselves.

Many significant changes have come about including that we now live in a world of unlimited responsibility and liability that may bother you, but when you have a huge asset to call upon in need, that fact is mitigated.

At the same time, the trustees invoked a replacement system of governance called Creators Value Asset Centres or CVAC␣s. The CVAC system is the antithesis of the corrupt, externally controlled looting devices that were termed Governments. They are in fact, in commerce, in law, preserved by public policy, REGISTERED as wholly owned, with full title, value and rights, co-jointly and equally by each of the one people on this planet, expressly warranted to be entirely transparent entities that exist only to serve the people of this planet by providing any systems of assistance the people of this planet deem necessary or desired, and these systems are prevented from impinging on any aspect of the free will of any human.

The CVAC system is presented as a planet wide, completely interconnected network structure run only by bonded public servants who act with full responsibility and in full liability at all times. Every human on the planet is served by CVAC and its BRANCHES. Each former nation on the planet has one CVAC BRANCH reserved for it. This incredible paradigm shift is just beginning to unfold right now.

Why is day to day life still the same? The old system is currently in denial and although there are negotiations going on continuously at the highest level, the news of the existence of the Trust is deliberately being kept out of the main stream media by the alleged corporate system to deceive the one people of this planet as it always has done. The impending implementation of funded CVACs will correct this situation

Yet this document is in front of you and YOU now know what is really happening. You are now part of the paradigm shift.

This document is a lawful and legal challenge to approaches by individuals acting in ignorance of the new system or knowingly, willingly, and intentionally attempting to usurp, violate, invade, abrogate, subjugate, or insubordinate any BE’ing on this planet. It is also an invitation to participate transparently, with integrity, in the greatest period of change ever seen on this planet.

In the months to come our world is going to change beyond recognition. Our true history will be revealed along with the truth of the system we have been living under. Much technology that has been withheld from us will be released including power production, health and transport. War, disease and pollution will be a thing of the past.

Each of us needs to do our own research. Patience is required while we develop our own understanding of what is occurring and choose what we do with this information only as it resonates within each of us. There are many groups around the world that have formed to develop strategies on how best to use the OPPT filings to help free the people and many who are working to push the information out to the people as the CVAC system is prepared for rollout.

Just Google One People’s Public Trust or OPPT.  Thank you.



– all documents, shows, resources and more…


– German language OPPT-resources – alles rund um OPPT auf Deutsch


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