*MY* “Playing*with*Gold*Excercise* …

♥ My very special “Playing-with-*Gold*-Excercise” ♥


Here´s from Pete°Li°so°hir°ka today in RTS-Skype: “Just a suggestion to all that if you don’t want what you say to go anywhere then not to post it.

There are 300 people here & anyone can copy & paste it anywhere. Myself I have no problem with anything I put here going anywhere & everywhere, BEing Eternal Essence Embodied fully transparent!!

We are bringing awareness to the masses & why wouldn’t we want to share our transparency with the ONE! I LOVE YOU ALL (heart) (heart)

…to which I felt the urge to respond: “Could not have put it any better, Peterek-my-good-brother! >>TRANSPARENCY is KEY – and not just to >demand< it from Heather and all others but also to PLAY with an OPEN HAND!

That´s what we – the ONE-PEOPLE deserve and therefore >DEMAND< – would you agree to have 10bn-gold-n-silver-nugs gifted to you under the condition that you a) do no harm to any of the other LIFE “out-there” – and b) that you allow ALL THE WORLD to see what You DO and CREATE with that rep-o-value….?!” Would you accept?


I have been enVisioning my own “Playing-with*GOLD*Excercise” in the local market-square ever since Heather put that out through Pele´s kauai-blog on Jan23rd I think …. (sun) (sun) (sun) (*) (F)

Piles of Gold coins and bars and Jewlery and big-baskets of CannaBuds and caraffees of hash-oil in the middle of the old-town market-square where I regularly play my street-gig.


There are two *Jewelery-stores* on opposing corners of the market-square!!! …and a Syrian Gold-buyer just a couple houses up the street… with the milli-gram-scales and the chemistry-set to test if it´s fo-real … they will all be *GobSmacked^* fo-REAL! LoL!


While the Energies prevent those secretive with intricate intent from playing – us children of the (sun) with pure intent and in a place of Gratitude and Appreciation will play from the (heart) and (hug) and :* and (smoking) and anybody wants to take some home to play or to be creative with it – or to give it back to Earth will be able to – beYond ALL former limiting illusions… (F) (*) (music) (squirrel?)